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Bellerose, Floral Park, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor

Four Village Studio is a volunteer organization where staff members work together creating community television programming.

4VS is dedicated to creating and maintaining a real-world educational environment for local students interested in media-related careers. The studio has been very successful preparing students for entry-level industry positions.

Since inception, the studio staff has averaged 45-55 persons acting as producers, hosts, crew members, management, committee members and other support personnel. The staff is diverse in age, ability, experience and background. Four-village area residents, 15-years and older, may join the staff with no prior experience required.

Staff members join Four Village Studio to gain career experience, perform community service, express creative talents, make industry contacts, partake in an interesting hobby, teach the next generation of television professions, or simply spend time with a great group of dedicated people.

To join the 4VS staff, click "Contact" or "Volunteer" for more details.

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