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The 4VS Community Billboard is a scrolling display of local events and/or meetings sponsored by community organizations, schools, government and Four Village Studio. The Billboard is on-air every day during times when 4VS programs are not being broadcast. Write, email, or fax the studio to have an announcement placed on the 4VS Community Billboard. All Billboard submissions should include the following:

1. Name of organization (established, non-profit, local organizations only)

2. Title or name of event

3. Day of week, date and time of event

4. Location of event

5. Contact information for on-air use (optional)

6. Additional event details

7. Contact information NOT for on-air use (mandatory)

Submissions are generally placed on-air within a week after receipt by the studio. In most cases, the studio will not post announcements longer than sixty days prior to the actual event date or leave announcements on-air for longer than sixty consecutive days. The studio will edit all submissions to conform with the current on-air format of the 4VS Community Billboard. Established studio practices and policies dictate what announcements can be placed on the Billboard. Contact 4VS for further clarification.